Musical Taste: The Hunger Games OST to go the Twilight route?

Say what you will about the Twilight films (I like to say they’re terrible, but that’s just me), but you have to admit that whoever put together the soundtrack albums to them knew what they were doing. Each album had a few mainstream artists and just enough exclusive indie tracks to get the Pitchfork crowd interested (I ended up buying the exclusive Bon Iver track myself).

It appears that Lionsgate thinks that will work just as well with the upcoming film of Susanne Collins’ excellent The Hunger Games. According to Deadline, the soundtrack (or companion album, as it’s doubtful that the film will contain much beyond the score) was announced today and it’s interesting. T-Bone Burnett is producing, and the album contains “original songs that focus on the themes” involved in the film.

This includes songs by Arcade Fire (“Horn of Plenty”), The Decemberists (“One Engine”) and the first single, which has Taylor Swift collaborating with The Civil Wars on “Safe & Sound”. The theme of this particular song seems pretty obvious to those who know the story and the characters, and I actually wouldn’t hate it if this made it into the film, perhaps in the end credits. Most of the songs will be produced by Burnett, who seems to be some kind of never-resting production machine.

The Hunger Games opens on March 23, 2012. Check out Swift with The Civil Wars below.

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