Steven Moffat contradicts David Yates on Doctor Who film

It’s really too far out at this point for this kind of drama, but apparently this is a big enough movie that it’s already courting a little.

As reported over at The Playlist, Doctor Who Executive Producer Steven Moffat takes issue with David Yate’s statements that they’ll be putting the tv show “aside and start(ing) from scratch.” The writer tweeted shortly after the announcement “Announcing my personal moonshot, starting from scratch. No money, no plan, no help from NASA. But I know where the moon is; I’ve seen it.”

So maybe some slightly sour grapes there.

This leads directly into Moffat’s statement via Twitter this morning that “any Doctor Who movie would be made by the BBC team, star the current TV doctor and certainly NOT be a Hollywood reboot.” Is this a definite statement? It reads like one, and Yates may have been speaking off the cuff, but what remains is that elements at the BBC have termed Moffat “a problem” and this could have been their petty way of trying to get around him.

In any case, we won’t be seeing a movie til at least 2014, so there’s no way to know what’s really going on here or whether the movie will be a reboot or not until that year.

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  1. Written by Trisha Lynn
    on 2011-12-03 at 03:47

    I have to say, if this is for real, this is a terrible idea for a U.S.-ian version of “Doctor Who” to not be keyed into the existing mythos. No offense to Paul McGann and his take on the Doctor, but it just didn’t work in 1996. And besides, because there is such a larger North American audience than there used to be, we’re definitely more Brit-savvy than that audience was, so we don’t really need to be coddled.

    • Written by Kara Dennison
      on 2011-12-03 at 20:25

      In response to that, I encourage anyone who can to have a look at the extras on the new TVM release.  There’s a variety of information on what went wrong, how badly it *could* have gone, etc.  The initial intent of the ’96 movie was basically what they’re talking about here, and McGann’s audition reel has some of the original script.  When it came to what was made, though, it *was* keyed into the existing mythos.  The format was Americanized to the pain, but plot- and canon-wise it’s in there, especially compared to the early storyline of the Doctor being off searching for his father.

      In the end, as unfortunate/painful/poorly-lit/Eric-Roberts-ful as the TVM was, it did end up revitalizing the franchise with the Virgin novel series (which is where Moffat was ‘discovered’ as a Who writer for his story ‘Continuty Errors’) and Big Finish (where we got Mark Gatiss, Rob Shearman, and Nicholas Briggs).  The people with the money *then* didn’t want a reboot, and I can’t imagine they’ll want it now either.

      ^^^ This is why no one invites me to con parties anymore. ^^^

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