Musical Taste: Jonathan Coulton is “officially living on Main Street in Crazy Town.”

So, if you click over to the Billboard Heatseekers chart right now, you might notice a familiar name hanging out in the number one spot. Geek singer-songwriter Jonathan Coulton has claimed the number one spot with his album Artificial Heart, as well as charting at #125 in the Top 200, 26 on Rock, 16 on Alternative and 23 on Independent. (Check out a capture from Wired here.)

Coulton is kind of amazed. In his newsletter, he mentioned the different ways in which it was charting and then followed that up with a story of how this came about.

A while ago my friend John Roderick was telling me a story about how he was talking me up to some label types. They were intrigued, and went over to the computer to look up my Soundscan numbers (Soundscan is the big database of music sales that Billboard uses to create their weekly charts). They didn’t find much because of course I never reported my sales to Soundscan. Some reporting trickled through via CDBaby and Amazon, but all the digital sales from my website and all the CD sales at shows were unreported and completely under the radar. So they saw a small number and went, “Meh, I don’t get it.” I didn’t even keep track of total sales myself, because it just wasn’t a thing I ever needed to pay attention to – I watched profit and loss month to month, and made sure I printed more CDs before I ran out and that sort of thing, but it never seemed important to track the grand total. With Artificial Heart I figured I’d see what happened if we reported everything. And look! Crazy Town. My takeaway is that the record biz must REALLY be in trouble.

In any case, the album is great and maybe this will let people know that it’s out there. Coulton has also released several music videos for the album, including Nemeses, Still Alive, Today with Your Wife and Nobody Loves You like Me. Check a few of them out below.

And finally, just because theremins are awesome…

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