Graphically Speaking: “Fear Itself: Book 6” review

Fear Itself: Book 6

Written by Matt Fraction
Art by Stuart Immonen with Laura Martin, Wade Von Grawbadger, and Chris Eliopoulos
Published by Marvel Comics

SPOILERS FOR PREVIOUS ISSUES, Y’ALL: Where we last left off, Sin, the Red Skull’s daughter unleash ancient Asgardian baddie, The Serpent upon the world. Adding insult to injury, several heroes and villains have been possessed by magic hammers. While the Avengers face off against this latest threat, Odin and the rest of the Asgardians abandon Earth, planning to burn the evil off the face of the planet, humanity be damned (snicker). Thor gets his butt kicked from all sides when he tries to help, while learning the Serpent is the REAL king of Asgard and Odin’s a liar. Oh, and Bucky died. Wait, WHAT?

Yeah, it’s been nuts. At the end of the last issue, Steve Rogers himself declares the war un-winnable. Really? Steve Rogers, who faced down f&*ing Thanos, will accept defeat by his nemesis’ newly-discovered RELATIVES? It’s a shocking statement, but it just doesn’t feel earned, especially in the wake of Bucky’s surprisingly affecting death. The Steve Rogers we know would go down fighting no matter how bad Thor gets out-Thor’d. So how does Matt Fraction follow up that controversial statement?

…Mostly with filler. The series continues it’s run of shocking character moments when Rogers faces off with Odin. He does all but slap the old geezer with his Pimp Hand and reminds us of a Rogers who wouldn’t run away. Anyhoo, The issue consists of our heroes licking their wounds and suiting up. We also get some face time with Iron Man, who devises a plan to strike back at The Serpent by using Asgardian magic to infuse…well, the same thing happened in the last issue of “Siege.” Will it affect real change this time or will it be a temporary solution? We’ll have to wait. Meanwhile: here’s a scene with Spider-Man that seems completely random and adds nothing to the plot!

Fraction is a good writer. His “Invincible Iron Man” run will go down in Marvel history. While he swings for the fences in this, his first Event, his results have been mixed. Still, I’ll reserve final judgement until the last issue drops. Sue me. I miss Bendis.

I’ve always said this series has been a Cap/Thor story more than anything else, not just because of the teaming up of their respective adversaries. Whatever happens at the end of this series, expect major changes in both books.

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