Dead Island getting a movie but do the reviews justify it?

Well, earlier this year, we all saw the awesome trailer for Dead Island, the latest in zombie-devastating video-game goodness. It looked fantastic, was beautifully shot and had what appeared to be a great budget. When the game hit, while not terrible, it didn’t seem to live up to the hype.

According to Deadline, this has not deterred Lionsgate from picking up the rights to a film based on the premise.

With Mummy producer Sean Daniel on board along with Stefan Sonnenfield (who appears to have worked on every film in the last few years), the film adaptation of the brisk selling video game is on it’s way. Says Daniel:

This is exactly the type of property we’re looking to adapt at Lionsgate: it’s sophisticated, edgy, and a true elevation of a genre that we know and love. It also has built in brand recognition around the world, and franchise potential.

Well, at least he’s honest about the aspirations behind such a pick-up.

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