Nothing Sacred, Nothing New: Universal starting work on new Scarface film

Well, three times lucky, I guess.

Scarface is the name of two previous films, a 1932 classic and a 1983 classic. And now, according to Deadline, Universal is getting ready to update it again.

Universal, alongside producers Marc Shmuger and Martin Bergman (Scarface-1983), have been meeting with screenwriters for the project which, it should be emphasized, “is not intended to be a remake or a sequel.” Once again, we’ll have an immigrant reaching the United States and becoming a major player in the criminal underground No word on where Tony will hail from this time, having previously immigrated from Italy and Cuba.

While I’m not a fan of the 1983 film and have never seen the 1932 film, this is not a surprising move, as revisiting franchises seems to be an almost guarantee in the film industry at the moment. And the 80s are ripe to plucked, as remakes of Footloose, The A-Team and Dirty Dancing show.

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