Kara’s Fan Rage of the Day: Sherlock vs. Sherlock

I love me some Sherlock Holmes.  In any form.  I love Basil Rathbone and Jeremy Brett’s classic takes on the stories.  I love Robert Downey, Jr.’s Victorian action man and Benedict Cumberbatch’s high-functioning sociopath.  Hell, I’ll even watch that one with the dinosaurs now that Netflix is streaming it.  I love the fact that one character is so legendary that several dozen actors can play him over the years without there having to be some massive scholarly debate about which one was b

The BBC’s Sherlock To Go Head To Head With Guy Richie’s Movies In Live Worldwide Debate

… oh, for …

This was on the third row of Google Image Search results for "Cumberbatch and Downey." I'm sure you can imagine what the first two rows were like.

Amongst my fanart that I sell at cons is a silly little sketch of the two most recent Sherlocks beating each other up.  When asked by table-passers-by which I prefer, my answer is always “Can’t I just have like both?”  In the deeper recesses of the Internet that I don’t explore, I know there’s been some fighting going on concerning these two.  But they’re so different — and to be honest, both so innovative and so exploratory of elements of Doyle’s work that have been lost over the years — that a comparison of the two baffles me utterly.

Perhaps my reaction is a bit knee-jerk.  I come from surroundings where there’s no such thing as a fun or civil scholarly debate.  When there are two sides, things never go well.  And this is delving into a fandom that manages to be simultaneously decades old and still fresh out of the package.  Theoretically this could be a decent meeting of minds and an intelligent and interesting discussion.  If so, if this ended up being a look at what both have contributed, that would be so awesome.

But is it strictly necessary to base an allegedly scholarly debate around fanwank?  [For the record, it appears “fanwank” is in my Firefox dictionary.]  It’s very hard to be optimistic about this.  This really sounds more like something a William & Mary student would write for fun than something that netizens need to be brought in on.  Yeah, they’re gonna let the Interwebs play along.

For my part, the fact that A Game of Shadows hits on 16 December and the second series of “Sherlock” starts (allegedly) in January isn’t so much a point of debate as it is an extended Christmas present.  I won’t say the debate won’t go well … but I will say I think it’s silly.  And I really, really hope all involved know what they’re doing and how the fandom’s going to react.  I doubt I’ll be observing or taking part, but if anyone works up the morbid curiosity to, I’ll be interested in the fallout.

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  1. Written by Michael O'Brien
    on 2011-09-21 at 23:51

    Three people have now played Captain Kirk with Paramount’s blessing too, and they all did decent jobs. How many people have played Batman? We’ve got two Adamas, multiple Bilbos… the world doesn’t end, folks.

  2. Written by Ellen Marie
    on 2011-09-22 at 06:59

    Hopefully this won’t spark a huge wank war within the Holmes universe and will go relatively unnoticed by most people. If not, I suppose we can use the opportunity to weed out the trolls. 

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