Comic Non-Sans: Webcomic Event Mini-Run-Down

This week, I was going to have a brilliant interview with an artist who was an exhibitor at San Diego Comic Con this year, but my e-mail appears to have gotten lost in the ether so I’m gonna try again next time.

So this week, whilst I try to figure out that mess, I figured I’d give everyone a quick look at the coming months in online art and webcomickry.

On the night of Saturday August 20th, Super Art Fight will once again be rocking the Ottobar in Baltimore with their 11th major show.  Musical guests this go ’round are Anamanaguchi and Bear & Walrus, and there are returning grudge matches and (most likely) the usual flat-out madness.  Whether or not you can make it, you can do your bit for the Fights and contribute ideas to the Wheel of Death, which will then be used to confuse and torture the artists.

Then, from 16-18 September, Intervention is back for its second year in Rockville, MD.  Guests are still being signed, but include Jennie Breeden of The Devil’s Panties, Helene McLaughlin of the GeekMom blog, and musical guest Devo Spice.  Oh, and yours truly.  Check out the site to find out more, register, and become an enabler — supporting Intervention financially gets you awesome free stuff.

While I won’t be making it to Super Art Fight, I’m hoping to be able to do a run-down of Intervention afterward.  If you can make it to either or both of these events, be sure to show your support!

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