Michael Bay, Savior of 3D? Transformers: Dark of the Moon getting brightness upgrade

Brightness in 3D is a notable problem. There is a moment when you’re at a 3D film, right when they ask you to put on your glasses that the lens noticeably shifts and brightness drops. It’s irritating, particularly when you’ve shelled out extra cash so that Johnny Depp’s dreadlocks will come right at you. But don’t worry.

Michael Bay is here to save you.

According to Variety, Bay is releasing Transformers: Dark of the Moon with two different 3D prints. One, going to non-RealD theaters, will be the standard, dimmer fare we’ve gotten used to. The other, however, going to 2000 RealD theaters, will up the brightness to more than twice of what a 3D film is usually shown at..

The print is digital and is similar to what Fox did for Avatar, but goes even further. According to Bay:

We want the best presentation possible.We have created a special version with extra sharpening, color and contrast. It is a superior look in the format. The brighter the image, the brain processes in a different way (sic) and the result sharpens and makes it more vibrant.

This is part of a push against theaters that often dim their bulbs further in 3D films than is necessary, and against recent speculation that 3D is proving to be a dying gimmick.

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