Comic Non-Sans: I Drew This Comic During the Stanley Cup Finals

So it’s Bruins vs. Canucks, best of seven.  If the Bruins win it’ll be the first time since 1972; if the Canucks win, it’ll be the first time ever.  One of my co-writers is a huge Bruins fan, and he cut out of a birthday party early to go home and watch the second game.  (So did I, to be fair.)  The first of seven was on a Wednesday night, and Thursday is one of our update days.  That means, during that crazy game where it was tied at zero up until the last 18.5 seconds, I was drawing our sexy power-suited green-eyed antiheroine tangled up in a tree while flirting with a policeman.  And I didn’t actually miss any of the game while I did.

I don’t know how many people can multitask.  I’ve had this discussion before,  in blogs and on panels and in person when I try to convince my friends that yes, I really am paying attention to “The Dresden Files” while I work on new character profile drawings.  I’m relatively sure my co-writer is wondering how I could get an eight-panel page done on the night and still pay attention.

But the multitasking angle really isn’t my main point this week.  My main point is that I am quite grateful to the Bruins — and, to an extent, the Tampa Bay Lightning.  See, I’ve never watched hockey before.  I promised I’d give it a try what with this legendary face-off and such, and I find myself enjoying it, although I still need an expert to tell me what all the lines on the ice mean and how many quarters are in an inning or whatever.  But my co-writer has a bigger screen than I do, and I won’t get all the games here, etc. etc.  So on some occasions I will be watching the game in his living room rather than mine.  But that means if there’s a game on an update night, I can’t get out unless things are done in advance.

In essence, I want to thank the Bruins for getting me my comic scripts early.

That’s not a jab at my collaborator.  Okay, no.  It kind of is.  But only a little one.  I think more than that, though, it’s interesting how a comic becomes part of one’s routine, and I count myself fortunate to be in a creative relationship where we queue pages up so we can go to a party or watch the game rather than saying “Eh, we’ll hit the next update.”  I am, for better or for worse, one of those people who will be late to a party in order to finish an update.  And people like me need that balancing element, the collaborator who will say “Here, I’ll help you provided you get out and see what the sun looks like.”  Or, in this case, what an ice rink looks like.  Either way.

All that said, in the end it really is interesting to see how “routine” the webcomic routine can get.  I’ve been at it for ten years, and my routine for each project is different — including the night I work on, when I draw/color, what have you.  When you’re working with a second mind, you’ve got to work their routine into the equation, too.  And not second-guess it.  But, at times like this, it’s nice to get your routine shaken up a little.

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