Trailer Watch: Green with Envy

This slipped completely under my radar somehow. A romantic comedy with Jason Segel and Amy Adams. Both great actors. Should be fun.

Oh right. It’s actually The Muppets which I’m extremely excited about! Sadly, I had the joke spoiled for me initially so I knew what I was watching. Hopefully this is the first you’ve seen it.

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  1. Written by Arkonbey
    on 2011-05-24 at 13:55

    I know that Brian Henson is involved in this, but Kermit should have ‘died’ with the Great Jim. It feels a bit… wrong, to me.

    Among the many things I like about the Muppets is that you can trace prevailing women’s hairstyles by what  Ms. Piggy is wearing at any given appearance. That might be an interesting video montage: Ms. Piggy’s hairstyles with the air date.

    • Written by Trisha Lynn
      on 2011-05-25 at 11:28

      Having recently found the videos of Jim Henson’s memorial service, I’m of two minds about this. On one hand, Kermit the Frog and all of the other characters he originated will indelibly be linked to him and it does feel weird knowing that someone else is behind the voice and the puppetry.

      On the other hand, both original voice actors for Mickey Mouse (Walt Disney and Jimmy MacDonald) are dead, but the character lives on and should continue to live on as long as possible, as long as whomever is portraying him is true to the character’s origins.

      And your idea of tracking women’s hairstyles (and possibly the feminist movement) by Miss Piggy’s hairstyles and clothing is absolutely brilliant. Oh, why didn’t I learn how to edit film in college?

  2. Written by Lethal Interjection
    on 2011-05-24 at 15:07

    It was not spoiled for me.  But watching those first 45 seconds definitely made me wonder why so many people had linked it on facebook and elsewhere.  Now I understand.

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