Neil Gaiman’s American Gods coming to HBO

Neil Gaiman has made forays into the movie business in the past, from television series Neverwhere to movies like Coraline, Beowulf, Mirrormask and Stardust. Some have been good, others crippled by forces beyond his control. But it looks like one of his best known properties may be making it’s way to television, with a couple of big names backing it up.

Deadline reports that Tom Hanks’ Playtone are in talks with HBO to bring fantasy road novel American Gods to the small screen. The project has been gestating for a long time apparently, and the person to thank for it making it’s first step towards production is Robert Richardson.

Richardson is an Oscar winning director of photography for his work on JFK and The Aviator, and has also worked with Tarantino on several films. He would presumably write the script along with Gaiman.

This is good news for fans (obviously), with Playtone having quite a slate of hits behind it, including The Pacific, Big Love and John Adams.

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  1. Written by Arkonbey
    on 2011-04-17 at 21:58

    fingers crossed against suckiness.

    Other Gaiman stuff: if you haven’t listened to Lenny Henry read “Ananzi Boys”, you’re missing out.

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