Adam McKay shopping big names for The Boys

If you haven’t read Garth Ennis’ excellent The Boys, you should turn off your computer and go pick up the first volume. You will laugh, be sickened, and have a blast doing so.

In an interview with MTV, director Adam McKay (Anchorman, The Other Guys) discussed the actors he hopes will step into the lead roles. For protagonist Wee Hughie, the choice is obvious, considering the appearance of the character is modeled after Simon Pegg. For others, not so much.

“I’ve sat with some people. I really like the idea of Russell Crowe for [Billy] Butcher,” said McKay. “We met and had kind of an interesting meeting.”

McKay is working by himself on the script but is more than willing to admit that the R-rated, occasionally extremely twisted project may be difficult to sell to a major studio.

“I’m going Disney #1, or Nickelodeon.”

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