Comic Non-Sans: The End

No, no.  Come on.  Just because I was zonked last week doesn’t mean I’m ending the column.  I’m talking specifically about the closes of two long-running webcomics during my absence: those being Ursula Vernon’s long-running Digger and the soon-to-be-in-print Phoenix Requiem by Sarah Ellerton.  Two very different comics, stylish in their own ways, and two which I’ll now have to put under my bookmark heading “Well, it’s done, so you won’t have to worry about playing catch-up.”

Though I’ve yet to have a proper sit-down and root through the archives (though both have my attention), a comment by Ellerton on her last page caught my eye:

There’s sort of an incongruous feeling. I already finished the comic months ago, so my own sense of completion happened then. But now there’s a different feeling… of losing friends. Let’s face it, there’s not much reason to hang around here without an active comic :)

The former, I definitely know to be the case, although this girl has a much healthier idea of working ahead than … well, just about anyone I know.  But it was the second bit that got me. “… there’s not much reason to hang around here without an active comic.”

Now, since I’ve started comicking, I’ve never not had something updating, so I’m not entirely sure of that feeling of complete closure.  But now that she mentions it, there is a bit of the “closing night” feel to it.  You know: working hard right up to the last night, and when the curtain comes down on the final performance — short of unrelated socializing — it’s all over, full stop.  The arts at any level seem to be one of the few places where there’s little to no “coming down” period when a project is over.

I’ve seen this tackled a few different ways, the obvious one being to start a new project.  We can’t help it — even when we’ve finished something, we’ve had something else lurking in the backs of our minds that was waiting to take over, more often than not.  Queen of Wands went the rather nifty route of doing “reruns” with commentary.  A third is, at least hopefully, maintaining interest and/or drumming up more by bringing out books and turning news out on them.  Other than that, though … there really is a great deal of “over”-ness to it, and this in a format where indefiniteness can often seem to be the way of things.

So congrats to both Vernon and Ellerton on their impressive runs, and here’s hoping for continued success in book sales and any possible future projects.  Way to go, ladies.  Seeing something out to the end like that ain’t easy.

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