Comic Non-Sans: It’s a Travelogue

So this week I’m heading out to the UK for the first time in 2007, though through the magic of the Internets, I am still representing here as though nothing happened.  I’m doing much like I did last time, rushing around buying walking shoes and plug adapters and advance train tickets.  And one thing I realized I’ve forgotten to get is a sketchbook.

Last time I went, I overestimated myself a bit.  I thought “Hey, here’s fun, I’ll keep a travelogue in sketch format while I’m over there” … and went and bought a massive thing that an art student likely wouldn’t fill in a semester, much less a webcomicker over ten days.  Instead of being a bit of fun and a way to keep my drawing hand strong, it turned into a chore and I never truly kept up with what I was doing there.

That was one problem.  My two other problems were fairly basic.  One was I just plain didn’t set time aside in the evenings.  You know.  Theoretically it could have been a positive addition to the trip, setting aside time at the end of the day to rest my feet, take up my friends on their offers of mild alcoholic beverages, and just do some free sketching to unwind before I hit the pavement again for more sightseeing.  If anything, it might have given me a mental break instead of GO GO GO get some sleep GO GO GO.

The other, I’m a bit ashamed of — I was drawing it with other people, rather than myself, in mind.  There’s nothing wrong with marketing something to readers, obviously … but I learned that when I’m keeping a wider audience than myself (and perhaps one or two friends) over my shoulder with me when I draw, I’m going to lose out on a lot of what makes a diary of any sort worth reading.

Whether that’s just me, or anyone else, really.

So I’m trying again next week.  I’m getting a smaller book, possibly less notebook-y and more bound, and keeping it for me and keeping it regularly.  And maybe I’ll finally find a coherent way to explain just how big toilets in the north of England are.

Reader thoughts — if you’re an artist, would you attempt to sell a reprint travel diary/sketchbook after the fact?  Readers, would you buy such a thing from an artist you thought was at least somewhat interesting?  Is that even a market, or is it what I considered it originally: practice and a nice outlet?  I’m definitely curious to hear what people have to say about that.

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