Comic Non-Sans: My Editor Stuck My Mind in the Gutters

Oh, I’m really loving where webcomics are going.  I just am.  I encounter so much silliness on a daily basis — and then on a convention-to-convention basis — when I peer at new comics.  Or old ones.  Or just the way things go.  And it’d be easy enough to go on about things I’m well familiar with, but that’s no fun.  I did that for four years as an English major.

I was rather pleased with the look of Spinning to Infinity a bit back, and still am.  And then ’twas brought to my attention that there’s another webcomic going a similar route — that being Gutters, a similarly-constructed project that focuses itself on the world of comics, superhero-related or otherwise.  Once again, like StI, “Gutters” is a non-linear comic with one writer collaborating with multiple artists (and inkers and letterers) within one project.

The author behind this venture is Ryan Sohmer, the gentleman who writes the popular Least I Could Do, and one of his recurring artists is Lar deSouza of the same.  Also drawing, though, are dozens of established artists from all corners of the genre, including creators for Dark Horse, DC, Nickelodeon, and plenty of others.  Also involved are the usual webcomic suspects — Brad Guigar, Scott Kurtz, and Kevin Bolk, to name three.

I’ve written before about multiple collaborations, and have been part of them myself — that is, one writer working with several artists or vice-versa.  Not until recently, though, have I seen a webcomic where the multiple collaborations are within one project, much less two. Whether or not this is going to be a “new way of things,” I’m not sure.  But it looks like a good move for all involved.  A writer can showcase amazing work from multiple artists, and up-and-coming talent with little other exposure can get a leg-up here.

I do want to see more like this, if the writers behind them are as consistently entertaining as Sohmer and as good at picking (and then actually obtaining) a wide variety of artists.

“Gutters” updates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and I have no idea what it’s gonna be about next or who will be drawing it.  But I imagine I’ll like it.

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