“Red Dwarf” Launching Again

After the success of the 2009 three-part special “Red Dwarf: Back to Earth,” Freeview channel Dave has commissioned another series of the cult sci-fi Britcom.

Starring Craig Charles, Chris Barrie, and Danny John-Jules in their previous roles, the new series will strive to go back to the high points of the original — specifically, Charles says, series 5 and 6.  Says Charles:

We’ve got to recapture the highlights, like series five or six. If we can hit that mark, then brilliant. There’s no point doing it if it’s so-so.

No word on when production will start or if Kryten will return (the Radio Times feature on the story did not mention him by name), but with viewing figures rivaling the Doctor Who special “Planet of the Dead” on the same weekend, the show is likely to wake its fan following back up.  However, while “Back to Earth” had the numbers, many fans were put off by the straight-up love-letter-i-ness of it to Blade Runner. This reviewer thought that was a bit neat, though, and hopefully the promise of a return to the show’s heyday with (possibly) better effects will counteract any cynicism that bred in the fandom.

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