Lincoln’s Link of the Day: 14 Actors Acting

When I first came across The New York Times new celebrity “photo” gallery, I was astounded. And I think you will be as well.

14 Actors Acting: A Video Gallery of Classic Screen Types

With actors such as James Franco, Vincent Cassel, Matt Damon, Lesley Manville, Natalie Portman and Chloe Moretz,there is a wide range of talent on display here, all framed within classic Hollywood moments.

Each a minute or less in length, we’re shown horror, agony and anger, all directed by fashion photographer Solve Sundsbo and beautifully scored by Owen Pallett (formerly Final Fantasy).  According to Sundsbo, “You’re going from making iconic images to creating narratives, but there is less of a narrative capacity in 60 seconds, so you need to create something like a poem that can lead your imagination.”

Organized by the NY Times Magazine’s photo editor, Kathy Ryan, she wanted this group of  portraits to be different than those done in the past, because “celebrity portraiture demands reinvention.”

Overall, an intriguing piece of video art.