Daniel Day-Lewis plays my namesake in Spielberg’s Lincoln

Glad to hear our 16th President will be well represented.

According to Variety, Daniel Day-Lewis (There Will Be Blood) will be playing Abraham Lincoln in Stephen Spielberg’s film about the president. The picture is to be based on the bestselling book Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin, and will chronicle “Lincoln’s presidency between 1861 and 1865 with a focus on the three Cabinet members who ran against Lincoln in the 1860 election — Edward Bates (Attorney General), Salmon Chase (Secretary of the Treasury) and William H. Seward (Secretary of State) — and Lincoln’s ability to deal effectively with the profound political and personal conflicts during the Civil War.”

The project has been circling development hell for a while, with Liam Neeson originally slated to play Lincoln. However, earlier this year he announced that he was no longer involved, making many nervous. Looks like we worried for nothing, as Spielberg has nothing but nice things to say about Day-Lewis.

“Daniel Day-Lewis would have always been counted as one of the greatest of actors, were he from the silent era, the golden age of film or even some time in cinema’s distant future,” Spielberg said in a statement. “I am grateful and inspired that our paths will finally cross with Lincoln.”

Filming is slated to begin next fall with a release tentatively set for Q4 2012.

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