Kara’s Video of the Day: Draco Malfoy Talks Good American

After Hugh Laurie and Eddie Izzard hopped the pond and learned to play Americans (one successfully, one with sadly disastrous results), British actors are learning that it behooves them to be able to pull off a decent American accent.  Thankfully, MTV’s Josh Horowitz is here to help, teaching the stars of Harry Potter how to speak proper American English.

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“Auditioning” with essential American words and phrases such as “boo-yah” and “Charlie Sheen,” the kids (crap, they’re not kids anymore, are they?) show their adeptness at passing themselves off as Colonials.  Top of all champion?  Daniel Radcliffe’s got the inflection down, but I think Tom Felton would get his order of mozzarella sticks a lot faster at Olive Garden.

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  1. Written by Neovaderiii
    on 2010-11-18 at 17:12

    *clears throat*….how old is Emma now?

    • Written by Trisha Lynn
      on 2010-11-18 at 17:19

      I can safely say that she’s old enough to legally perv on. As are her male castmates.

      How you feel morally and ethically depends on your level of pervosity, I believe. ;)

      • Written by Kara Dennison
        on 2010-11-22 at 05:39

        Morals? Ethics? A Sith Lord craves not these things.

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