Kara’s Video of the Day: Splink!

I don’t know about you guys, but back when I was a tiny Kara, my traffic safety training amounted to “Stop, Look, and Listen.”  But clearly the British were well ahead of us, because back in the 1970s, they came up with a six-letter acronym to help kids remember what to do when they crossed the street.  The six steps:

1. Find a safe place to cross.
2. Stand near the curb.
3. Look both ways.
4. Let traffic pass.
5. Walk straight across the road when there’s no traffic.
6. Keep watching for traffic while you cross.

The acronym?  SPLINK.

… um.  Maybe Jon Pertwee can explain it better.

Whether or not you learn anything from this informative little video, you will at least get to see the Third Doctor make what is frankly what of his more worrying faces.  Which is saying a lot.

Well, I hope we’ve all learned something here today.

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