Is this Bizarro world?: Darren Aronofsky talks his Wolverine film

I think it must be. Because I’m still finding it hard to believe that acclaimed director Darren Aronofsky is dipping his toe into the superhero genre with the now renamed The Wolverine.

In a discussion with Hitfix about Black Swan, Aronofsky mentioned that the film he’s working on has the aforementioned title and “isn’t a sequel in the conventional sense.” So The Wolverine will exist in its own world? Seems so, as Aronofsky is referring to it as a “one-off”.

It’ll be interesting to see how this pans out, as it sounds like Aronofsky is calling the shots here, not Fox. He’s brought in Matthew Libatique as cinematographer, a man who previously worked on Iron Man, Black Swan, and The Fountain. The film will reportedly follow Logan’s story in Japan, a saga that I’ve always loved. Really, we might actually be getting the film that X-Men Origins: Wolverine should have been. And apparently, it will be gorgeous.

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