Eighth Doctor Gets Makeover, BBC Takes More of My Money

Much. Freaking. Better.

I’m one of those fans who’s been told for years that “her” Doctor doesn’t really count — yeah, poor Eight, as portrayed by Paul McGann once in the ’96 TV pilot and then for many years ongoing in Big Finish’s “Doctor Who” audio line.  Well, justification of his canonicity (and signs that the New Who Regime is as keen on him as his fans) continues, as now the Doctor has been given a new outfit that, to be honest, looks about a million times better than the old one.

At Armageddon Pop Culture Expo this weekend, McGann showed off part of the Doctor’s new gear: a double-breasted Naval jacket (which looks blue in this pic but black in the others) and a brown courier bag — no idea what the costume as a whole looks like, as the rest was his own kit.  Note he’s also got a new and improved Sonic Screwdriver, designed by Weta Workshop, and it appears to be a wood-and-gold version of current Doctor Matt Smith’s.  I’m assuming the poncy hair — despite the wealth of Withnail & I … jokes it inspired — will be gone, too.

What does this mean?  The Doctor Who News Page says that the costume (still a work-in-progress) will be used for “future promotional purposes.”  So bare minimum, new figures. Also possible, McGann will be cool with getting new pictures taken for Big Finish covers.  Beyond that …?  Well, let’s just say the Sun and assorted sci-fi mags have burned Eighth Doctor fans enough that I don’t believe anything ’til I hear it from Cardiff.

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  1. Written by Dr Andy Lange
    on 2010-10-23 at 15:35

    Apparently you missed my RetCon. Through sheer force of will, I have determined that Mr. McGann was not, in fact, the 8th Doctor. The 8th Doctor is actually me.

    The knowledge that I will someday participate in the awful Last Great Time War gives me pre-traumatic-stress-disorder, so I appreciate nobody giving me any trouble about this stunning revelation.

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