“Doctor Who” hits America, doesn’t come and get me

For the first time ever in … well, ever … BBC crews are picking up and heading over to the Colonies to film a two-parter for the coming season of “Doctor Who.”

BBC America’s Anglophenia blog posted this morning’s press release from the Beeb, which states that “key scenes will be filmed in Utah for a story set in the late ’60s” featuring the Eleventh Doctor and his new companions.  Filming starts this month in Cardiff, and will move to the US in mid-November.  The two episodes, which see the TARDIS crew moving from the Utah desert to the White House on a “secret summons,” are being co-produced with BBC America and feature a script written by Who big-man Steven Moffat.

The two-parter will also feature another familiar face from the new series — check out the press release over at Anglophenia if you’d like the full spoiler treatment.

Now, before fandom pops a nut at me, no, the production crew has never been to the US.  Any episodes set in the States were filmed back home, and the 1996 pilot was shot in Vancouver, despite taking place in San Francisco.  Says The Moff:

The Doctor has visited every weird and wonderful planet you can imagine, so he was bound get round to America eventually! And of course every Doctor Who fan will be jumping up and down and saying he’s been in America before. But not for real, not on location – and not with a story like this one! Oh, you wait!

These episodes will air in spring 2011, though before then we’ll be seeing the Doctor in this year’s Christmas special featuring Michael Gambon and Katherine Jenkins.  And if that’s still not soon enough for you (because I know it isn’t for me), the new series of “The Sarah Jane Adventures” starts tomorrow night with an episode entitled “The Nightmare Man.”

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