BBC Releases Autumn/Winter 2010 Preview

I’ve complained in the past — back when I still pulled teeth doing the Watchlist — that the Beeb is terrible about releasing information about their upcoming shows.  One thing they do right well, though, is put together nice trailers when they do feel like announcing their seasonal offerings.

Thus.  (And no fear, it’s all spoiler-free.)

Keep your eyes peeled for a ton of familiar faces in this clip, including Keeley Hawes in “Upstairs Downstairs,” David Tennant in “Single Father,” Christopher Eccleston in “Accused,” Mark Gatiss in “The First Men in the Moon,” Matt Smith in both “Christopher and His Kind” and the “Doctor Who” Christmas special, and Alan Rickman in “The Song of Lunch,” as well as a bit of Ben Miles (Patrick of “Coupling”) and Helena Bonham Carter in the mix.


The preview was released as part of a press release from BBC Controller of Drama Ben Stephenson.  This is looking like yet another colossal push for homegrown drama.  Says Stephenson of the upcoming season:

I love the passion for drama in this country – opinionated writers and audiences who demand quality drama. The BBC should embrace all of these – we should be contradictory and a broad church in our ability to mix high art with the best of popular culture.

Also coming up are super-sized adaptations of four of Shakespeare’s histories: Richard II, Henry IV Parts 1 and 2, and Henry V. Among the directors are Sir Richard Eyre and Rupert Goold, both with previous Shakespearean productions under their belts.  Not included in the preview either are the multi-part drama “Top of the Lake” by Jane Campion (writer and director of The Piano), and an as-yet-unannounced play by writer Sir David Hare.

That’s one hell of a season ahead of us, though Moff and Matt’s “Doctor Who” special is the one people will likely be biting their nails over the most.  It’s also looking more and more like the old curse of the Doctor only applies to pre-1996 actors, as we’ve got three of the boys featured in the above clip.

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  1. Written by Patrick Quirke
    on 2010-10-29 at 14:57

    Can you tell me what the music being played int he trailer is?

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