Have Neil Gaiman Follow You on Twitter!

Well, according to this tweet by @neilhimself:

Bid for me to follow you, tweet you, (+I’ll phone winner & read a poem or short-short story) at: http://tinyurl.com/2fb222s #TwitChange

Twitchange is connecting celebrities and their fans to change the world. They’re having your favorite celebrities auction their twitter-friendship off in order to raise money to help build homes in Haiti more specifically (from TwitChange):

All proceeds from the TwitChange celebrity auction will provide aHomeInHaiti.org the means to finish rebuilding the Miriam Center. The Miriam Center houses, educates and loves on Haitian children with cerebral palsy, severe autism, and other major life challenges and is one of the only facilities of its kind in Haiti. The current facility houses children in the earthquakeʼs aftermath and is extremely overcrowed [sic]. These kids need and deserve a permanent home.

aHomeInHaiti.org has provided over $1.5 million in tents to homeless Haitians since the earthquake. They have created a movement of tens of thousands of people across the globe to provide more tents than nearly any established organization or government in the world – all through the power of Social Media.

Of course many of us are not in a position to bid hundreds or thousands of dollars to be twitter friends with celebrities, but you can still get the word out (which is what this is about, right?) by tweeting about the auction or just spread the word about aHomeInHaiti.org

And hey if you do win, put in a good word with Neil for me!

Neil Gaiman’s Auction

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