Comic Non-Sans: John Joseco

Week Three of my attempts to point out harder-working webcomickers than myself sees us once again revisiting the Before Times of Keenspace.  Way back in 2002 (a very long time by interweb standards), John Joseco launched The Lounge, a laid-back little comic series about comic store owner Italy Ishida and her various staff.

The comic had very basic beginnings: most of the characters were based on real people, and it followed a joke-a-day format.  But, as happens with comics that run a long time, a plot started to develop, and eight years later it finds itself with a large cast and a variety of subplots and inter-character relationships.

The comic also gave birth to a spinoff, Rave Kitty, an alt-universe sci-fi adventure about fan-favorite character Jamie McKenzie (herself based on a real person).  For a time, this and the horror fantasy Salient Caligation (which has now changed artistic hands) ran alongside The Lounge, but since then Joseco has focused his efforts elsewhere.  Which is not to say that he has any less work in front of him.

There’s only one problem with attempting to detail his prolific work: I can’t actually link to any of it here.

The majority of Joseco’s comics are decidedly NSFW, but said work encompasses more than a thousand pages of content assembled in a very short time — by webcomic standards, and perhaps even by print comic standards.  This, in addition to stand-alone comics and pinups, would kill any normal human drawing hand.  But he’s still going strong … and even planning to launch a new project or two, one of which is pegged to be friendly to a far larger demographic.

You would think (and so would I) that working at that speed would be far more than enough to keep a guy busy, right?  Not so, apparently.  Because at times he will — whether it be out of boredom or some sort of artistic adrenaline rush — launch off into a period of mini-commissions.  I have borne witness (at least from a distance) to these drawing sprees, and after ten years in the field, I’ve still yet to see someone who can turn a piece around as quickly as he can, as quality as he can.

The Lounge updates irregularly and is moving toward its grand finale.  If you are so inclined, finding his work is just the matter of a quick Google search.  And there’s plenty to see; he’s probably done about fifty more pages of some thing or another while I’ve been writing this up.

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