Kara’s Video of the Day: Rex Was Almost Your Lawyer

So the American legal drama/Tennie vehicle “Rex Is Not Your Doctor Lawyer” will likely never be seeing the light of day — it’s just recently been passed over for the fall 2010 TV season as well, and the set’s allegedly been dismantled.  However, a YouTuber has been kind enough to pass along a snippet of the pilot, so you can see what sort of show has been passed over in favor of other fall fare, and how another big UK television name would have fared in Hollywood where …

… uh …

… oh, let’s not lie.  You all just wanna hear David Tennant do an American accent.  Here you go:

Me, I’ve heard better, not even counting Hugh Laurie.  I’ve also heard worse.  Given time (i.e. a full series) he likely could have cleared out a few of those Scottish vowels and nailed it.  What does our readership think?

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  1. Written by Jillers
    on 2010-08-16 at 19:37

    I heard about this last time the Tenny was on Graham Norton, and I was really excited for this… Well, I liked the clip at any rate.
    I think the networks that passed on this don't really understand the draw David Tennant would have had on the ratings. First, you got people who like legal shows. Then, given time, you get people who like quirky things… but instantly you'd have the legions of Tennant fans watching (let's face it, a lot of them are ladies, young and older), which wouldn't do nothing for the ratings.

    Maybe they should have tried to get this on USA.

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