Kara’s Video of the Day: “Oregon Trail”

I’m of the generation that took “computer classes” in school, and one of my fondest sixth-grade memories is of hurrying to finish my classwork ahead of everyone else.  Because whoever finished first with a good enough grade got to spend the rest of the class period mucking about on the computer in the back study room.  And on that wonderful machine, one had the choice of playing either “Carmen Sandiego” or “Oregon Trail.”  Of course, we all know which I chose.

And yes, I spent my time naming all the members of my party “Pepperoni Pizza” or “Your Mom” just to leave bizarre headstones along the trail for future gamers.  And I always shot the buffalo first.  And I was always, always a banker.  Clearly I was not the only one.

So, presented for your consideration, a trailer by the LA-based group Half Day Today for the magnificent tour de force that is … The Oregon Trail.

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  2. Written by Neovaderiii
    on 2010-08-03 at 14:31

    'A BANKER's not gonna help me ford this RIVER!!'

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