Comic Non-Sans: Super Art Fight 7 in review

Chris Impink (back) and Jamie Noguchi stage an epic Sharktopus vs. Puppy Cow battle. (Photo courtesy Barb Fischer.)

They’ve been rocking the Ottobar for two years — but Saturday night’s Super Art Fight took the battle above ground, offering a free show at Baltimore’s Metro Gallery as part of this year’s Artscape.  The seventh of their major live events also marked the group’s two-year anniversary, and they celebrated with all the spectacle fans have come to expect of them.

The action started late in the day, as festivities began to die down outside.  And the Art Fights pulled an impressive crowd, especially considering (as I learned firsthand) it was nigh impossible to cut through the Artscape crowd at any sort of normal human speed.  The Metro Gallery was just as packed inside, with spectators shoulder-to-shoulder before the first bout (fan artist Kelsey “Zetsubousensei” Wailes vs. rollergirl Chelsea “Grose Misconduct” Grose) even began.  Armed with drinks from the rather busy bar, the audience jumped right in on the action without even having to be coached, chanting for the Wheel of Death as it spat out new themes to be worked into the growing murals at five-minute intervals.

Grose beat out Wailes in the first bout, and then it was on to Chris “Impact” Impink vs. Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi — a godfather-vs.-founder battle that ended with Impink as champion.  While the girls in the first bout preferred to attack solely with Sharpies on the board itself, Impink and Noguchi got a bit more physical with their attacks … both in terms of hands-on combat and some of the “interesting” anatomy that made it onto the board (i.e. why the photo being used was taken at an angle).

The roughhousing that has become more and more a part of Super Art Fight carried on into the next round with Michael “Spaghetti Kiss” Bracco vs. Bryan “Silent But Violent” Prindiville.  Sharpies were taken from the board to the fighters themselves, and we almost had a “board down” (yes, it’s happened before).  In the end, Bracco emerged victorious and Prindiville emerged with black ink on his neck.  I understand it washes out eventually.

Sadly, I was unable to stay for the final bout of the night: champion Jamie “Brawlin'” Baldwin defending her title against Nick “Ghostfreehood” Borkowicz.  A pity, as the two took the stage in full costume (Mothra and heavy armor/makeup, respectively).  In the end, Baldwin remained champion.

No true SAF event is complete without a band between bouts, and the choice for the evening was local band Goodbye New Plans.  Now, coming in and looking at the crowd, when I first saw these boys, I didn’t realize they were the band.  The four members were laid back and dressed rather innocuously so they blended into the crowd.  But when the four took the stage, they had the audience with them right away.  Unfortunately, I am not as in tune with indie bands as I should be, but as I give ear to some a bit more now, I can safely say that this is some of the best I’ve heard so far.

Photos and video will likely be available on the SAF website before long, and if you read any B’more-based publications, you’ll trip over at least two stories concerning them in recent or soon-to-come issues.  If you were not fortunate enough to catch them this weekend, keep an eye on the site for info on their next major matches.  Because things are getting even more crazy at the Fights.

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