Scott Kurtz Returns to Self-Publishing

It’s a business tactic many webcomickers are turning (and returning) to of late: self-publishing.  Now, after eight years with Image Comics, PVP creator Scott Kurtz is breaking away to print and sell all future compilations under the name Toonhound Studios.

The reason for the change-up?  Sales, or lack thereof.  Sales of monthly issues in comic shops are dropping off as buyers eventually move to the website to read the comic.  Thus, while there will no longer be any more small monthly issues, Kurtz is encouraging retailers to contact him for direct access to any future print editions.

All books previously published through Image Comics will still be available via Diamond Distribution, but the monthly comics have been cancelled, with #45 being the last issue.  Kurtz does not plan to release any further collections via Diamond, but encourages other indie comickers to go through his former publisher:

I still believe that Image is the best game in town for independent creators. I’m proud to continue offering my existing trades through them.

Future PVP collections will be available directly from the online store, located at

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