Eyes on E3: Star Wars Multiplayer Demo

A brief glimpse of what is to come. So far, most of the trailers coming out for The Old Republic were solo missions, or co-op. They’ve showcased the different worlds, the different character classes, the voice acting, the tricked out ships. So now, we get to see multiplayer combat:

While it may  seem lackluster to some, consider some things. The developer mentioned this is “very early on”, so this may be low level melee. The trailer was from the viewpoint of the Jedi consular, the support class in that instance.  Also, since when is watching any MMO in game fighting interesting? At least I’m not collecting 50 raptor heads for some dick in Thunderbluff.

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  2. Written by Star Wars DVDs
    on 2010-07-09 at 00:11

    is it something wrong with youtube , I cant play the star wars video .

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