Musical Taste: BET Awards Show Performances Rocked, 77 BoaDrum hits DVD, and listen to Big Boi’s new album now

If you missed the BET Awards, you missed out on a lot. Whether you agree with the network’s existence or not, this was a chance to see many wonderful performances in one place. And they let Kanye West return triumphantly to the awards show circuit, performing his new song, Power, Moses-style from a mountain top.

Also present was my current mad crush, Janelle Monae, performing Prince’s Let’s go Crazy in a mind-boggling sing and dance tribute to the Purple crooner. As Pitchfork pointed out, he himself looks taken aback at her wild dance moves. And if you don’t own The Archandroid yet, go buy it now.

Probably the best performance of the night was Chris Brown’s tribute to Michael Jackson. Though Brown will likely never live down his abusive past, he gave a heartfelt tribute to Michael, replicating his dance moves and singing an amazing medley of Jackson’s songs. It was powerful, and seemed to affect Brown as well, with him breaking down in tears during Man in the Mirror.

Also on hand were TI, Drake, and Young Jeezy, all giving stellar performances.

I find myself wishing I had lived in New York in 2007, when on July 7, Japanese experimental group Boredoms brought 74 drummers to Empire Ferry Fulton State Park to perform 77 BoaDrum. With drummers including Andrew WK, and members of Gang Gang Dance, they blew the lid off the park and had people climbing fences to watch.

Now, according to Pitchfork, that mind-blowing performance is coming to DVD here in the US. The documentary was cut together from everything from youtube footage to local news cameras by director Jun Kawaguchi, and we’ll be seeing it on September 7, 2010.

Finally, also sourced to Pitchfork, you can check out the new Big Boi album today before it’s released on July 6. If you head over to Big Boi’s Myspace page, you can stream the entirety of Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty. It is suitably awesome. Check out the video for Shutterbugg, the first single, below.

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