PSN Tuesday – June 15th, Good Morning E3

This week sees the gaming industry elbow-deep in the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3. Every year, E3 is where the major releases and projects for each company are revealed to the public for the first time. As a result, Sony has promised that content will be uploaded to the PSN store every day from Monday, June 14, until Thursday, June 17, when the show ends. Yesterday’s update was rather small, containing only a demo for NCAA Football 11.

Seeing as how these games are being revealed to the public for the first time, a vast majority of today’s new content is not playable. There are 31 new videos available for download, including the first half of Sony’s big media briefing from this afternoon. Most of the other E3 videos are located in the new E3 space in Playstation Home. On the store, the trailers to look out for are for the highly anticipated Shank and DeathSpank. The PSP also has new trailers and themes for a pair of Atlus games that can’t come soon enough, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable and Knights in the Nightmare.

As for content you can play, both sides of the store are light today. Don’t mistake lack of quantity for lack of quality, though, as two highly anticipated releases dropped tonight. The first is the new PSOne Classic, Final Fantasy IX. As the last of the numbered Final Fantasy games on the original Playstation, this game combined an epic story with lovable, memorable characters. Even if you don’t follow FF religiously, this game is where most iconic images of the Black Mage class came from, and you would recognize Vivi immediately. Of note, Final Fantasy IX carries the higher price tag that the more popular PSOne games seem to share, $9.99.

The other big release of the week is the Gundemonium Collection. Available as a bundle for $14.99 or as three separate titles for $5.99 each, these bullet hell shooters are like an oasis for the Playstation owner jealous of the 360’s library of shooters. The first two games in the bundle are Gundemonium ReCollection and GundeadliGne. This pair scroll sideways, similar to games like Gradius or the upcoming Deathsmiles. The third, Hitogata Happa, is a vertical shooter, like the Raiden series or Ikaruga. These are joyously unforgiving games, and I definitely recommend at least watching a trailer before committing to buying one.

While on the topic of shooters, an under-appreciated gem went on sale today on the PSN. The PSP release of The Red Star has been temporarily marked down to $7.99 from its original price of $14.99. This game successfully mashes together 2d brawlers with boss fights similar to what you find in shooters, all while telling the story of a rebellion in an alternate universe Soviet Union. There are 2 playable characters immediately available, with another unlocking alongside an arena mode after beating the game.

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