Is Haunted Changi rattling our ghostly chain?

Are we simply seeing the heir to The Blair Witch Project or is what we’re watching real?

That’s what we’ve had to ask ourselves with many of the first-person horror films. Some, like Cloverfield and REC: are obviously fake, while others, such as Paranormal Activity, do an excellent job of instilling that sense of doubt. Where do we stand? That’s what we’ll be asking ourselves after watching new Singaporean haunted house film, Haunted Changi.

According to Twitch Film, the movie began as a simple documentary of events on a famous hospital used as a POW camp, Changi, in Singapore. The hospital included torture chambers and has long been considered haunted, and this is what the film crew was investigating. Of course, then things got weird. The movie’s site, if this is all fictional, is brilliantly set up, including a time-line of the filming and some blog entries from the crew. This could all be viral marketing, which in our age of ARGs wouldn’t be surprising, but it is very well done if so.

There’s no way to really know for sure until the film is released, but the trailer gives us some intriguing glimpses, despite a few Ghosthunters-esque moments.

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