Super 8 ARG updates….and we still have no idea what it all means

I’ve fallen down a bit on keeping you up to date on the Super 8 ARG ad campaign, but there was such a break in between the discovery of the secret message and the latest update over on the website, that I was lulled into thinking we had more time to wait. How wrong I was. Spoilers lie ahead, so if you want to figure it out for yourself, just click on that link to the site and go to town.

Super 8 News got the scoop, alerting us on June 2 to the appearance of a folder if you minimize the other windows on the terminal. The folder is named “Braegen14” and it contains a .dat file named “expcnv.dat”. Taking that file back into the simulator, it was discovered that the .EXEC command now had a function (you’ll remember that last time we were able to use the .PRINT function, but nothing else worked. Same deal here.) When you type “.EXEC EXPCNV.DAT”, you’re given a separate window with a command prompt, requesting a path.

The solution to the prompt came from ‘Morbus’, a user at Unfiction. When you type in the path “/desktop/Braegen14/expcnv.dat”, you get a disturbing little audio file.

Personally, I’m put in mind of an echocardiogram I once had done, along with a little bit of Close Encounters of the Third Kind thrown in.

What do you think? Listen to that file, keep an eye on that site, and let us know. This film is getting more and more interesting.

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