Trailer Watch: Crazy official trailer

Before you say “But I’ve already seen Crazy Heart!”, watch the trailer.

Inspired by the life of Hank Garland, Crazy is the story of a legendary guitar player who emerged from Nashville in the 1950’s. Blessed with incomparable, natural talent, Hank quickly established his reputation as the finest sessions player in Nashville. Artists such as Roy Orbison, Patsy Cline, The Everly Brothers and Elvis all sought Hank’s brilliant play for their recordings. Moving effortlessly from country, to rock-a-billy, to jazz, Hank was also quickly recognized by the likes of Dave Brubeck, Gary Burton, Joe Morello and Joe Benjamin.

While I feel we’ve seen a lot of biopics about an artist’s self-destruction, I find this one still interesting, if only because it doesn’t follow an artist who became a household name, but one who toiled behind the scenes. Interestingly, after touring the smaller festival circuit and even winning several awards–which you can see prominently on the movie’s official website–this one’s going straight to DVD on June 29.

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