R.I.P. Thundercats writer, Stephen Perry, confirmed victim of homicide

A horrible tragedy has occurred in Florida.

According to an article round-up over at Robot 6, Thundercats and Silverhawks writer Stephen Perry has disappeared from his home. His van, along with a severed arm, were found in a nearby motel parking lot, and other remains were discovered in a gas station dumpster. His home had been thoroughly ransacked.

Perry’s roommates, Roxanne and James Davis, were arrested on Friday. Roxanne is charged with grand theft, violation of parole and burglary, while James Davis faces a variety of drug charges. Both have been named as “people of interest in a possible homicide.”

A small silver lining is that Perry’s 5 year old son, Leo, is safe with his mother, Perry’s ex-girlfriend Krystal Carroll. However, in an interview with the St. Petersburg Times, Carroll “talked of Perry in the past tense. She would not say what detectives told her, as she doesn’t want to hurt the case. But she did say her son ‘knows that Daddy is in heaven’.”

Perry had struggled with bladder cancer and his financial situation had become dire, but after attention brought about by the non-profit Hero Initiative, things turned around and he credited them for saving his life.

“They allowed me to seek some medical help and enabled me and my son to put a roof over our heads — I was homeless with that little boy in my van last year,” Perry wrote in mid-March on the charity’s blog. “The Initiative gave me the breathing room to get some Medicaid and food stamps, and while we are always in danger of losing our home, electricity and belongings at any moment, I will always be grateful from the depths of my heart for the past six months of fairly solid home life I have had with my little boy.”

I was a bit young to watch the Thundercats at their inception, but I caught re-run episodes later in life, and they were always a lot of fun. So my thoughts are with Perry and his family.

Update: As confirmed by friend and comics artist/publisher Steve Bissette and Howard Altman at the Tampa Tribune, Steven Perry has been confirmed dead, and the police are now calling his death a homicide.

Apparently, Carroll and other close family members and friends have known that he was dead since May 19; I’m presuming they didn’t say anything until the official verdict linking the severed arm and any other evidence the police may have found confirmed the fact.

Some positive news that has come out of this tragedy is that Perry will be releasing one piece of prose, a new story in his Salimba series thanks to About Comics publisher Nat Gertler who had been conversing with Perry on this and other topics prior to his death.

Titled “Baby,” Gertler said the story will concern the title character Salimba being given the care of a child that’s not her own and how she deals with it, something that he wrote knowing that it was likely to be his last story and something that might comfort his son.

About Comics also purchased the rights to the entire series as well as future TV and movie rights back in February, and it’s not beyond me to think that Gertler would also be re-releasing the series in graphic novel form to either help start a fund for Perry’s son or to raise money for the Hero Initiative—because that’s what I’d do.

We here at GeekingOutAbout.com join the multitudein wishing the best for Perry’s surviving family and friends.

Trisha Lynn and Lincoln Eddy contributed to this article.

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  1. Written by Brooke
    on 2010-06-02 at 07:08

    He sounds like he was a train wreck of an adult, though. Lived with criminals in a trashy home, knocked up a 21-year-old when he was 51… I liked Thundercats, but I wouldn't let a man over fifty touch my nethers with a fifty-foot pole.

  2. Written by D. Meier
    on 2010-06-03 at 17:34

    Steve signed and gave me a copy of “Baby” when we talked at the Megacon convention. He was a great friend and his last very long email to me on May 8th is heartbreaking. I spoke with the crime unit in Zephyrhills, Forida and emailed his message. What I fear is that, Leo his adorable son will fall through the cracks. From what Steve wrote, he belongs somewhere else….
    As much as I would like to keep the signed copy of “Baby” No.1, I would like to donate it to the Hero Initiative to be auctioned off with the proceeds going to help other writers.

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