Paid PSN+ service coming to the PS3?

Rumors have been flying about the Internet, claiming that one of Sony’s big plans for the upcoming E3 Expo is to unveil a premium, paid service to supplement the current, free Playstation Network. Added functionality would include cloud storage for game saves, cross-game voice chat, access to a rotating library of PSOne Classics and PSP Minis, a free Playstation Protection Plan, and more. The new service will allegedly be called PSN+ and priced at $10 per month.

I am all for a premium service, and every single benefit of the paid PSN+ sounds pretty darn swell. The price is a bit steep, though, and I hope they keep cost in line with their closest competitor, Microsoft’s XBox Live Gold.

For now, though, all information is from an unnamed source at There has been no comment from Sony so far.

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