Forget Power Pellets; Google Pac-Man eats productivity.

There’s been a spurt of free games out recently; from Valve’s free release of Portal, to Altitude, which was also made available for free on the company’s Steam game distribution program. But no free game garnered quite as many headlines—or, it seems, as much playtime—as Google’s Friday celebration of Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary.

If you missed it, Google decided to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the classic game by incorporating a free, playable version into the Google logo on their home site. In lieu of the traditional “I’m Feeling Lucky” button below the search window, users (players?) were treated to an “Insert Coin” replacement.

Combine the most popular website in the world and free, virtually unblockable entertainment, and a worker’s productivity is bound to suffer. In fact, it is estimated that Google’s lark cost the global economy 4.8 million hours of work—that’s 550 years!

Well, no worries. I mean, the anniversary for Tetris isn’t until June 6… damn.

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