My TV (Blank): Boyfriend

When real life can’t give me what I want, I can always have my TV (blank). It’s that quick heroin shot of fantasy that I need to keep going forward on bad days. Like when you realize you may potentially have a lot more in common with Jonathan Brandis in “Sidekicks” then you are comfortable admitting.

I can’t say I’ve ever had a real winner amongst my old boyfriends, but they have a lot to measure up to because My TV Boyfriend is kind of amazing. You have to be if you’re going to be the youngest appointed judge in New York City for the lucky reason that you were home on Super Bowl Sunday to pick up the phone to accept the job.

Judge Harold T. Stone from “Night Court” has everything on my checklist. He does magic tricks, he loves film noir, he has a quirky and almost cartoonish sense of humor but most importantly, he wears fedoras. While some (like our editor, Trisha) may be seduced by the smooth Assistant District Attorney Dan Fielding, my love for Harry hit me almost as fast as my dislike of public defender Christine Sullivan.

If there is anything to praise about modern television writing, it’s that writers now understand that the world doesn’t have to end if your characters hook up. Would the world have really ended if Christine told Harry how she felt early on? Perhaps in season four? That is much earlier than season three of “30 Rock”. It may be because of Christine’s reluctance to look back into Harry’s puppy dog stares that I came to hold prejudice against:

• Public Defenders
• Blonds
• Mullets
• Blond mullets
• People who don’t swear
• People who run for Congress and win
• Captain C.B. “Sully” Sullenberger
• The first ten minutes of “There’s Something About Mary” (the remaining is tainted by another blond, which may be because of Christine Sullivan making this list revolve back unto itself)

Note: I do not have this strong dislike for season two’s public defender, Billie Young played by Ellen Foley; quite possibly because Billie Young only lasted a season, but definitely because I can’t hate the female vocalist on “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”.

What makes me still wild for Harry after almost twenty years since “Night Court” went off the air was his heart and his inability to not care about people. Even when he was at the edge and broke down, those storylines were made stronger because the characters and audience couldn’t give up on Harry because he would never give up on them. Counter that with the storylines that showed that Dan Fielding actually had a heart – they were moving, but not as heart breaking for me. Remember – Harry is a magician. And key to any disappearing trick is first showing the audience what is going to disappear to make them invest in what will happen to it.

My TV Boyfriend at his finest.

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