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The new Fall season is beginning to shape up and with it, the casualties of the Fall season. Shows will be axed in as little as two viewings. Eventually, TV Ghoul Pool will be keeping a close eye on those brave shows. Right now, let’s take a moment to remember those shows that have faced the cancellation axe before their time.

I am moving to a new apartment where there is a balcony adjacent to my room. The key word – the magic word – is “balcony”. With that one word, I’ve discovered just how many of my friends were fans of the recently deceased show, Boston Legal. In fact, I’m delighted that my new roommate is very enthusiastic about having balcony time and picking out our Scotch has become just as exciting as picking out paint samples. Sadly, no amount of Scotch is going to bring back the stars of the balcony because it went to TV heaven long before it’s time.

Cancelled early in the 2008 season, ABC only seemed to promise Boston Legal one thing: never air the show on the same night consistently. It was a disappointment that David E. Kelley expressed through his main characters Alan Shore and Denny Crane through the fourth wall. And despite ABC getting on board early with the idea of showing episodes online, they held out on Boston Legal.

I can almost hear the sound of the voice of Alan Shore from beyond the cancellation cemetery saying, “ABC – like a fair minded coach of a nigh hopeless little league team – sought to bench their Emmy darling from their online line up to let one of the slower kids – the kind of kid that isn’t slow enough for a remedial education but just slow enough to use the special scissors with adult supervision – have that spot to let them know that they supported them and that they would get pizza after the game. Well, our little show is still waiting for ABC to take us out for our well deserved pizza while Wife Swap is on a first name basis with the Rock-afire Explosion at Showbiz Pizza .”

Eventually, ABC got on board and aired Boston Legal online – just in time for the final season that included one of the most impressive casts the show ever carried. Picture calling yourself in 1989 and saying, “Murphy Brown and Dan Fielding are hooking up while that jerk that tried to break up Andie and Blaine is marrying Captain Kirk!” and see if 1989 you can’t wait for the future to be here – and you haven’t even mentioned iPhones!

Despite all of ABC’s attempts to Jedi mind trick the show out of our memories, the show persists. Take away all the storylines, great guest spots, and even those magical moments where Alan Shore addressed the jury, you have the unique heart of it and why it will endure it’s cancellation. Boston Legal was the tale of two friends with a pure and passionate platonic love for each other, sitting on a balcony with Scotch and cigars contemplating life.

“You know Ralph Waldo Emerson said he reckoned a friend to be the masterpiece of nature. I’m not sure I truly understood that before I met you, Denny. “

“I’m not having sex with you.”

“Just the same.”

Boston Legal can currently been seen on television and online at TV Land and all seasons are currently available on DVD.

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