Quick Cuts: Footloose adaptation loses yet another lead, and other stories

It looks like the Footloose movie adaptation is cursed as Chace Crawford’s reps confirmed to reporter Nicole Sterling that the “Gossip Girl” star would no longer be appearing as Ren McCormack, the rebel dancer with a heart of gold and hips of steel. Sterling’s own sources claim that the “GG” series is the culprit and not the loss of Kenny Ortega. “Dancing With the Stars” golden girl Julianne Hough is still on track to be the female lead… this week, that is. (Source: EW.com)

And speaking of Kevin Bacon, he’s joining the cast of Steve Carrell’s untitled comedy about divorce as an “alpha male” character who has an affair with his wife, Julianne Moore. The movie begins shooting later this month. (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

Finally, as one of the “new media” bloggers but also as one who wanted (and still wants) to break into “dead-tree” journalism, I’m not sure what to think about this opinion article by Howard Kurtz which speaks briefly about the differences between an accredited movie/literary/restaurant critic and Joe/Jill Average blogger because I can’t take a side just as the writer can’t.

As a writer, I know that in order to be able to be a better one, I need to read as much as I can and I don’t necessarily have that kind of time. But someone who reads for a living and can take the time to do the research and explore all the avenues is going to be better than I am at determining whether or not something is good or great. This requires more thought. (Source: The Washington Post)

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