Taylor Kitsch hopes to not sink Universal's Battleship

My fascination with the Hasbro movies continues as Borys Kit at The Hollywood Reporter‘s Heat Vision blog filed an exclusive report last week regarding the Battleship movie.

As previously noted in an update on the Stretch Armstrong movie, director Peter Berg’s Battleship will be the tale of an international armada who seeks to destroy a water-bound alien organism and/or fleet; Kit’s exclusive revealed that Canadian actor Taylor Kitsch (Gambit from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Tim Riggins from “Friday Night Lights”) will be its star playing a character IMDB claims is named Alex Hopper.

Kit notes that screenwriters Jon and Erich Hoeber (Whiteout) are responsible for adding the science fiction elements to the board game’s plot—and believe me when I say that I never thought that I’d ever type those three words together—which was originally based in the Cold War of the 1950s. Also of note is this:

Throughout the awards season, Jeremy Renner, riding high off of The Hurt Locker momentum, had been in the running for the role but had to decide between this movie and Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest drama, with scheduling conflicts preventing his involvement in both.

If this is true, then I believe Renner made the correct decision because the plot to Battleship now sounds like Independence Day 2: Now It’s Personal and Takes Place in the Oceans.

At least Kitsch (whom I believe has the most accidentally ironic last name for a serious actor) will also be working on a more grounded and classic sci-fi movie as he’d also booked the title role of Disney’s John Carter of Mars, which is currently filming.

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  1. Written by arkonbey
    on 2010-04-12 at 12:11

    I'm waiting for the Connect Four and Gnip-Gnop movies.

    Seriously, why dig up these dregs (I mean, Stretch Armstrong?) when Thundarr the Barbarian awaits your 2012-fearing public?

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