Summit grabbing rights to Homelanders

Summit Entertainment is continuing its young adult streak, working on picking up a new series for after the Twilight films have run their course.

According to an exclusive at The Hollywood Reporter, Summit is negotiating to acquire the rights to Homelanders, a young adult series of action-adventure novels written by Andrew Klavan.

The novel follows Charlie West, an ordinary high school student who wakes up, tied to a chair next to a table of torture instruments. He escapes and goes on the run, trying to figure out what happened, why an entire year has passed, and why both the authorities and terrorists are pursuing him.

THR mentions, and I agree, that this sounds a lot like a cross between Disturbia and the Bourne series for young adults.

Lorenzo Di Bonaventura (GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Transformers) is coming on as producer, along with his studio, Di Bonaventura Pictures.

Summit seems to be the place for teen and tween films lately, not only being behind the Twilight films and Bandslam, but also recently having picked up Puzzle Palace, a film that follows “a kid who gets locked in a police station trying to steal evidence and has to escape crooked cops to get out.”

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