Clive Owen and Daniel Brühl to face off, maybe, as Intruders

After Clive Owen’s appearance in Duplicity from 2009 earned only a 65% fresh rating on the Tomatometer and grossed just enough worldwide box office to recoup its $60 million budget, he appeared in a small Australian movie that same yearcalled The Boys are Back which got some good reviews.

Now, it seems as if Owen’s ready to jump back into the big Hollywood pool again, having previously booked the sequel to Inside Man with Denzel Washington and picking up a new project with director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later), according to Borys Kit at The Hollywood Reporter‘s Heat Vision blog.

Titled Intruders, producers Enrique López Lavigne and Belen Atienza at Apaches Entertainment are being coy with the synopsis to the film:

[It] is known the story centers on an 11-year old girl forced to confront childhood demons. Owen will play the girl’s father.

Also joining the cast in an unnamed role will be Daniel Brühl, who was last seen as Private Zoller, the German war hero-turned movie star in Inglorious Basterds; I’m making book right now that Brühl will turn out to be the bad guy of the film.

International distribution rights have already been granted to Universal Pictures International who are also co-financing the project; the U.S. domestic rights are currently up for purchase.

Clive Owen is the kind of actor who seems to be more at home in cozy, non-Hollywood projections, and I’m gratified to see him in a production like this. And as for Fresnadillo, video game adaptation fans can relax as he’s still scheduled to be working on the Bioshock movie.

Additional casting for Intruders is currently underway and production is scheduled to begin in June in London, England and Madrid, Spain.

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