Tiding You Over: Fan-made Robotech short film

I was never a huge fan of Robotech, as a kid, not having a television and consuming Transformers videos over at my grandma’s, but the idea of  a Robotech film is an appealing one. Big jets that turn into robots, fighting aliens…seems to have Hollywood written all over it. And one is in development, apparently with Tobey Maguire involved.

However, for one fan, it doesn’t appear to be coming quickly enough.

Enter Tana Sarnt. An actor living in New York City, he’s a huge Robotech fan and wants to be a part of the film. To this end, he wrote, directed, and starred in a short film, Midnight Sky. Having watched the film, I hope the producers see it and sign him up immediately.

The film follows “an anonymous Veritech fighter pilot recalling two memories: his first encounter with Miriya, the Zentradi ace pilot, and his first date with a loved one on Earth. As with our own memories, the story is fragmented, and the line between dream and reality is blurred.”

Watch the film below, or visit his website.

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