Bruce Willis + Jamie Foxx = Kane & Lynch?

According to The Hollywood Reporter‘s Heat Vision blog, screenwriter Kyle Ward was a little Twitter-happy Wednesday night, for he revealed via the micro-blogging app that Jaime Foxx was in negotiations to co-star with confirmed lead Bruce Willis (he was confirmed back in June 2008) in Ward’s live action adaptation of the videogame Kane & Lynch.

All I have to say to Misters Willis and Foxx is, “Wouldst thou willingly partake in the franchise that felled Jeff Gerstmann?”

For the non-videogame players or non-videogame industry enthusiasts out there, I’ll paraphrase this verbose and hypothetical newspost by Jerry Holkins, a.k.a Tycho from the webcomic Penny Arcade; to wit, GameSpot editor Jeff Gerstmann scored the Kane & Lynch videogame as a 6 out of a possible 10 while the online magazine was running several ads and other widgets promoting the game’s release.

And just as in the situation with the Iron Cross movie review, the magazine saw it as an embarrassment, so they fired Gerstmann’s ass. Well, not officially, but that’s how everyone interpreted it—and are still viewing it to this day.

In any case, the original videogame concerns a deathrow inmate named Kane (played by Willis) who along with a schizophrenic killer named Lynch (that would be Foxx’s role) is sprung out of prison to “retrieve” a stolen fortune, with the side effect of saving Kane’s wife and daughter. Second unit director and stunt coordinator Simon Crane is directing, and production is supposed to begin sometime this spring.

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