Liam Hemsworth to join Arabian Nights

Mythology is popular lately, at least as long as it translates into a good, 3-D action film. And it looks like we’re going to get another such movie, this time The Arabian Nights.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Liam Hemsworth ( Knowing, The Last Song) is in talks to join the film to be directed by Chuck Russell (The Scorpion King). The Inferno Entertainment film is aiming to begin shooting at the end of this summer, and the plot would focus “on a young commander (Hemsworth) who, after his king is murdered in a coup, joins forces with Sinbad and Aladdin to rescue Queen Scheherazade.”

A bit different from the actual stories, that. The film was written by Russell and Barry P. Ambrose (Compulsion) and will be produced by Bill Johnson (I Love You Man) along with Mark Ciardi and Gordon Gray (Invincible).

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