In the Beginning — in 3D

Deadline New York has broken the story that Paramount and producer Cary Granat Pictures (formerly of Walden Media) are teaming up to bring us the earliest story Christians give a shit about: The Creation story. And you bet your ass, it’s gonna be in 3D.

A script has been written by John Fusco (Hidalgo) for director David Cunningham (The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising).

Even though it’s relatively well-known (I mean, you all read Multiplex, right?) that I’m an non-believer, I am hugely interested in ancient stories — myths, legends, whatever you want to call them, so I actually love the Creation story. (I highly recommend Karen Armstrong’s version of it. The use of her book cover is not to imply that the film is related to Ms. Armstrong’s book; they merely share a title.) It’s a wonderful myth, and the fact that I have a problem with literalist interpretations of it doesn’t change that.

Rather, I should say it’s a wonderful pair of myths, because if you look closely, because the movie will cover the week of creation and the Adam And Eve story, apparently — and the Adam and Eve story is a very separate story from the week of Creation, as separate from each other as they are from the story of the Flood. (In fact, the Adam and Eve story recounts the creation a second time — and gives the creation of man, the animals and plants in a different order than the Creation story.)

How Granat approaches these stories, of course, will decide whether this will be worth seeing, but honestly? If God is invisible and the special effects are good enough (and based in some ways on actual science), this could be awesome. Is this $30 million production aiming at the Narnia crowd gonna be like that? I wouldn’t hold my breath. But you never do know.…

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  1. Written by Tom
    on 2010-03-09 at 04:33

    If they can pair it with the story from John Milton's Paradise Lost THAT would be an epic story worth watching.

  2. Written by BlueNight
    on 2010-03-11 at 04:01

    Heck, just make it a trilogy.

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